by Sam Moss

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All songs written by Sam Moss except "Lonesome Valley", which is traditional.

Recorded in Brattleboro, Vermont
Mastered by Eric Carbonara

Thanks family, Jackson, & Jordan.
© 2012 Sam Moss

Not Nothing Records


released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved


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Sam Moss Boston, Massachusetts

“This fingerpicking guitar virtuoso characterizes the folk spirit in its finest sense.”- Paste


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Track Name: Neighbors
Well you've come, to look at your neighbors
A quiet bunch, who don't leave home
Sitting, in your bedroom
Rocking the chair to pieces, moving on

I see a few ghosts, when you are smiling
When you are sad, they cannot move
Breathing, in a four leaf clover
Spitting out a hollow tomb

All wrapped up, in a blanket
Say are you warm, are you warm tonight?
I am whispering, breathing
Cradled by that shiny pale moonlight

Fill me up you won't exist
Get me out of this old twist
My bones hurt I need to move
Your wind blows my breath is through

All wrapped up, in a blanket
Say are you warm, are you warm tonight?
I am whispering, breathing
Fighting off that devils appetite
Track Name: Spiders On The Ceiling
Spiders on the ceiling
Take one out at a time
Go to where I'm feeling
Underwhelmed and fine

It's a quiet, quiet evening
Dad's around the bend
Grandpa's not in the graveyard
but he's not in his head

It's a simple line to draw
I saw it just last week
He's got blue eyes, I've got blue eyes

Spiders on the ceiling
They're nowhere to be found
Go to where I'm feeling
Must be somewhere, some place around
Track Name: Blue Moan Blinds
Blue moan blinds
Cigarette dream
Without you here
I feel so mean

Looked around
Saw some friends
Heard some sound
Watched it end

Little dead cities
Big decay
Pick up the bricks
Stack them away
Track Name: Desert Dogs
Desert dogs, busted blinds
The outlet is maxed out
Still a drag, c'mon drag me
Till I find the spirit's mouth

I see you darling, through glassy eyes
All around dreaming, wallpaper cries
There's a crow in the corner, with a weak disguise
You crawl along, in the dead grass

Salt and sand, different tongues
Words caught dead in dust
Saved them from evaporation
Or a minor gust

I grip you darling, with a sweaty hand
Searching for water, in a barren land
Against the floor, struggled to stand
I stumble on, down the ghost path
Track Name: Lonesome Valley
You got to go to the lonesome valley
You got to go there by yourself
Nobody else can go there for you
You got to go there by yourself

You must go and stand your trial
You got to stand it by yourself
Nobody else can stand it for you
You got to stand it by yourself
Track Name: Rotary
Heard the choir singing grey
Little birds, inside my bones
Smaller beaks, drink the marrow

Come along, there's something here
Move along, i'm full of fear
Spin back, like a rotary dial
Hold back, you were never a child

Doctors pray and moonlight laughs
I have a few brothers, some now, some past
Call me back, when you are gone
Turn the numbers, lead me on