Pitkin County Morning EP

by Sam Moss



In winter 2015 I spent a month in Colorado, playing nights at a bar in a big quasi country band. In the mornings I quietly worked on new songs, borrowed my friend Jackson's nylon guitar and recorded some of them. Here are three, presented as works in progress. Consider it a lo-fi preview of things to come.

If you'd like to download it for a few dollars, your offering will help offset expenses associated with the creation of my next proper full-length album. Your support is so appreciated. - Sam

All songs written by Sam Moss (Sleep Walk Songs, ASCAP)


released September 14, 2015


all rights reserved



Sam Moss Boston, Massachusetts

"Marvelous, resonating, magnetic stillness." - Boston Globe

“This fingerpicking guitar virtuoso characterizes the folk spirit in its finest sense.”- Paste


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Track Name: Walking The Line
When I woke from the picture it was nearly real
And I remembered each movement from the spinning reel
And how just like a wheel it didn't consider the way I did feel
But it was not everlasting

Brush the fog from my eyes to reveal something clean
Looking through an open window to the nearly unseen
But how the lightness of the morning turns to the eve
And stars go funneling from you

And I listen to you whisper when you come down
Closing slowly decrescendo till not a sound
Why does it trick me every time
You keep me walking the line
Track Name: Postman
Postman in the gray and blue
Can I sleep among the bags while you drive?
I'll take the wheel after a time
Got a jaw full of foolish words

How many miles
Will we get there by morning?
Stop just short of the ocean
And I'll find my way to town

I'd spend my last dollar on a walking cane
Shining silver handle, initials engraved
And a hard wandering stick leading down to the earth
But is it worth wearing my soles to the dirt?

There are a few things that I found
Do you mind if I piece them together?
I've got all the fixings for a letter
But none of the letters for lines

Some of these people back here
They've got minds worth thieving
Some are hoping and reeling
Others are sky high

I'm just hoping to string them in line
One by one make the words into mine
I think it's there, just not crystalized
Like you'd see the stars, if not for the sun in your eyes
Track Name: Vertebrae
Did you watch my vertebrae
Slendering out
Or did you watch your own?

Stretching skin over the bone
I've grown
Learning to be proud

Slip under the tongue
A watchmaking kit
Nothing you can do with it

I tried to birth a new time
Forged from a younger spine of mine
One less unsatisfied
You know the game

Filled with a childish pride
Knowing the world from all sides
Handsome and earnest and wise
You know the game

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